Lake Mishnock Preservation Association

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Our Invitation To Join

The Lake Mishnock Preservation Association (LMPA), a nonprofit all-volunteer organization, was established in March 2005 in response to concerns by area residents about invasive weeds and the apparent deterioration of Lake Mishnock.  Over time the group expects to become a meaningful voice for the Lake Mishnock area and everyone who is concerned with maintaining a healthy lake, watershed, and habitat.  We have already established a website to keep people informed.   The public has been very generous with donations and support of our fundraiser to accomplish our initial objective, weed abatement.  Looking after the health of the lake is a long term commitment of time, money and ideas.  We try to be a meaningful voice for a healthy Lake Mishnock and the surrounding watershed, but we need the help of many.  There is much to do.  Annual dues for membership are $25 per individual, or $35 per household.   
As a member you are entitled and encouraged to:  
Attend membership meetings and vote on important issues
Share your specific concerns with LMPA
     Serve as a volunteer on various projects    
Participate as a committee member
    Attend educational lectures about septic systems, watershed management, and other related topics.
 Become informed!
 All who have contributed $100 or more, or who want to contribute $100 or more at this time, should apply for a complimentary membership. Please check the appropriate line on the application. We appreciate your generosity. Annual dues or donations qualify as charitable contributions. Want to become a member or give a donation?  Please print and fill out the membership application form today, and submit to: Lake Mishnock Preservation AssociationP.O. Box 240Coventry, Rhode Island, 02816