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Gypsy Moths In Rhode Island


Many of us around Mishnock Lake are battling the Gypsy Moth caterpillar invasion. Jim Wahl uses duct tape: first wrap tightly with sticky side against the trunk; then turn that wrap so the sticky side faces out; finish with a short sticky side to the bark to secure end of wrap. Jim said this works better than Vaseline over the smooth side.  He was at first worried the larva would crawl under the tape, but they didn't. They seemed intent on going over  the tape and as a result lost their tiny little lives. ( Note: some sources say to not put the tape sticky side against the tree,  but only sticky side out. When the tape dries out add petroleum jelly)
The State of Rhode Island has added a very informative section on gypsy moths on its website.  Check out the Executive Summary (or the full report) through website below: